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Searching for definition of himself, as a true nightmare is not to possess ones own individual scent. With each journey he picks up new smells and stores them in his mind. Each scent, has a smell and a memory that goes with it. He keeps scents he has smelled in volumes and volumes of books. Each scent a chapter, and each chapter a new journey. All the smells he has smelt are tied to feelings he has felt.

Love and desire, greed and guilt, joy and laughter, discovery and intrigue. A student of sensory mixology, a craftsman of scent. He uses elements of a touch to influence smell, and smell to control reactions. He uses ones smell to provoke desire and another to emit sweet sorrow. Over time, he translates his feelings into an olfactive language, mastering the art of conversation.

Since he can choose how he wants people to react to him, he can therefore create the world around him. The master craftsman of his world, he will be treated how he wants. People react based on the scents that he chooses and how he chooses them to experience them, while the memories and emotions that develop from experiences define him.

His focus shifts. No longer of his own desires, but to sharing the secrets of his craft and joy of scents that he has experienced throughout his life during the transformation from student to master. The final chapter of an obsessive story, an entrance to a new olfactive world.

The birth of the Scent Maker, and scents of his success.